Did you know that signing babies tend to be more interested in books?

Reading to your child can be beneficial in more ways than one. Perhaps the most important benefit is the time you will spend together. You’ll share a special moment by taking part in an activity that can be done almost any time and any place. 

Here are some techniques to use while reading and signing with your children. With a little creativity and practice, you will certainly come up with many more of your own. 

  • For babies not yet sitting up, position them in a bouncy chair, high chair, or propped up on pillows. Place the book facing the baby so that they can see your hands, face, and the book at the same time. 
  • With the child on your lap, place the book in their lap or on the floor in front of you. Signs can be made in front of the child with your arms around them (ex. BEAR) or right on the pages of the book (ex. FISH.)
  • Have the child sit beside you and place the book on the floor in front of both of you.  This way you have both hands free to do the signs. 


  • You can use the pictures in the story to point out words and demonstrate the signs.
  • Choose a few signs that you are comfortable with and then let your fingers do the talking.  If you would like to include more signs, you can try using different signs the next time you read the same book.
  • Say the word as you sign it.
  • Read with animation and enjoyment. Let loose, have fun and laugh a lot.
  • Look for rhyme, rhythm, or repetition in books. Young children enjoy short books.
  • Visit your Public Library often.
  • Spend at least 10 happy minutes every day reading to your child. Read aloud every day because you love being with your child and you are sharing precious time together!

Get started with these 3 books that are fun to read:



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