You can start using Baby Sign Language with your baby TODAY. It’s easy- and I’ll show you how.

Let’s start with four of my favourite starter signs. These signs are often highly motivating for baby to use as they involve activities that baby’s do throughout the day.

Remember these getting started tips as you begin signing with your baby.
– Get down on your baby’s level & make the sign within their sightline;
– Say the word as you sign it;
– Have fun signing and engaging with your baby:


Want MORE?

Learn the ASL signs for: BEAR, HUNGRY, MOUSE, STRAWBERRY, WOODS, EAT, SUN, RABBIT, FISH, PARTY, HOME, SURPRISE, STUCK, FULL & more. Join Ashlea from SmallTalk Academy for an interactive and fun signing story time.

Baby Sign Language made easy! 

Learn Baby Sign Language with Ashlea from SmallTalk Academy.  Learn over 150 of the most useful Baby Sign Language  signs in this easy, online Baby Sign Language course complete with music, video demos, downloadable PDFs & additional bonuses and resources. Register today!

4 Easy Baby Signs To Get You Started ASL

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