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No age is too early to begin learning and modeling signs with your baby. We encourage you to introduce signing while you move about your day- just add it into your daily routines.

The earlier you begin, the more opportunities you have to practice using the signs in different contexts and situations. Similarly, the earlier you begin modeling signs for your babe, the earlier they are exposed to the language.

At the same time, it’s never too late to start! Even toddlers who have a few spoken words can significantly benefit from signing. Learning specific signs for ball, bath and bottle can help distinguish the specific word when “ba” is used for all three items. Using the sign paired with baby’s spoken sound can help reduce frustration for both you and your baby.

Here’s a fun activity for you to enjoy with your little one regardless of their age. Inside or outside, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers love bubbles.

To sign BUBBLES, flick your pointer finger off your thumb, repeatedly, showing the bubbles popping in the air. Sign “bubbles” while you play with your baby. Another great sign to teach here is “more” as in more bubbles!

For more fun signing activities that you can use with your little one, register for our Baby Sign Language Bundle. You’ll get tons of tips and suggestions for fun signing success!


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