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SmallTalk Academy Sign Language

SmallTalk Academy teaches American Sign Language (ASL) to children of all ages & abilites. 

Increase communication, jumpstart language and literacy skills and create a strong bond using sign language during your daily activities. 

Learn about the many benefits, strategies and success tips in our interactive & engaging sign language classes.

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What We Offer

Online Classes

Our popular class format made an more convenient with online classes. Access your courses from any device, at any time. Learn at your own pace with these pre-recorded videos of sign demos, songs, books & downloadable/ printable sheets.  Easily learn how to incorporate signing into your daily routines, while jump starting early language and social skills. 

In-Person Classes

The Baby Sing & Sign series uses engaging songs, books and games to make signing fun. Easily learn how to incorporate signing into your daily routines, while jump starting early language and social skills.  All in person classes are held at Serenity Birth Studio in Barrie Ontario. To register for an upcoming in-person baby sign language class, click below to be redirected to their website.

Private Groups

I’m happy to work with groups of all sizes and needs to create a signing program to support your needs.  I’ve designed workshops of all kinds for mommy groups, high school & parenting classes, storytime, community events, outside classes, birthday parties, at home private instruction.

Teacher Training

Our Teacher Trainings are requested by teachers throughout Canada. Introduce Sign Language into your class room curriculum.  Classes may be taught in-person or via Zoom. Classes include sign sheets, demos, themed books & song, as well as success tips and suggestions for teachers, children & parents.


Purchase American Sign Language (ASL) resources. We carry Signing Time flashcards & board books designed to help you learn new vocabulary, reinforce learned concepts  and support your learning. Visit our shop by clicking here.


Ashlea Weber has been teaching sign language to families for over 15 years. She’s a certified Master Signing Time Academy and Sign2me Instructor. She has also trained and mentored baby sign language instructors internationally. As Regional Director to two large signing companies, she has provided support and training to upcoming instructors in the baby sign language field.

With classes in high-demand, Ashlea continues to teach children of all ages the joys of sign language through in-class and online courses.


“We had so much learning baby sign language. Our baby can communicate about all the things she’s interested in. She sometimes uses signs that I’ve forgotten I showed her! Its really incredible. I’m so happy with the investment into my child’s education. We are having fun, all while learning a new language. Ashlea’s classes are fun and easy- we highly recommend it!”
-Michelle, Mom to Luke

“My son and I took baby sign language with SmallTalk Academy and out of all the classes we did, these were by far the most beneficial & fun! Ashlea is a wonderful teacher! My son would never have been able to communicate with us so clearly at such an early age without learning baby sign language. He signs for everyday basics- more, help, milk, please, change my diaper & water. He also signs for fun, toy, dog, gorilla, play & ball.  I rave all about the benefits we’ve received from taking these classes. All children should have the opportunity and tools to express themselves at a young age.”
-Lori, Mom to Caeden

“Baby Sign Language is such a blessing to our lives.  We began teaching our baby how to sign when he was 5 months old and we have been loving every minute of it. The whole family enjoys learning the signs and being able to use it in our daily lives. I feel that this experience has brought us all so much closer, as we grow, play & learn together.”
-Ashleigh, Mom to Tyler

“We loved learning sign language online with Ashlea from SmallTalk Academy. Her lessons were easy to follow and understand. We were able to include the entire family in our sign language classes because we had our classes set-up in our living room. It was very convenient and we learned a lot of sign language to use together.”
-Jessica, Mom to Mariah

We took Baby Sign Level 1 when my son was about 9 months old. He is almost 17 months old now and has been able to let us know what he needs by signing for some time now. He signs more, milk, water, cat, apple, sing, all done, bath, bird & just the other day he signed wet to let me know his diaper needed changing! It is so exciting when he uses a new sign! My husband really likes that he, too, can understand what our son needs and uses signing with him as well. 
-Vikki, Mom to Sam

“We loved Ashlea’s enthusiasm and the way her classes were structured… lots of singing and playing designed to teach us the signs! Take a class from SmallTalk Academy! You will be so glad you did!”
-Julianne, Mom to Olivia

“Our childcare centre uses sign language in our daily programming. It has been so beneficial and helpful to all the children in our care to be able to incorporate signing into our day. Children of all abilities and ages feel included and welcome in our classrooms. This is such a wonderful tool for all adults that care for children of any age.”
-Chrystal, Early Childhood Educator


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